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Connecting you to local buyers and sellers around you...

As a Seller you can

Post Ads with images;
Update, move your ad to Top position to get maximum efficiency from selling;
Get calls and messages only from real people, because we require every user to register.

As a Buyer you can

Be connect to sellers around your vicinity;
Buy anything, simply call or send message to the Seller and agree purchase with Sellers directly;
Write a review after a deal is closed to help us serve you better.

We are highly focused on security and able to resolve any issues in short terms.

A Buyer may leave review after an agreement with a Seller to buy.

A Buyer may report problems with an ad and we will check the Seller.

Disclaimer Note:

Goods bought on StecTrade.com are based on public post. You are therefore warned as a buyer to:

  • Meet Seller in a public and open location.
  • Be satisfied with the item your are about to pay for.

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